What's your emergency?

E7 is a full-service brand and design studio collaborating with seasoned creatives and marketing professionals equipt to take on mid to large projects. Safely.


Why is it E7?


Tim is a designer, a creative director and an educator working in Troy, NY. He grew up in the firehouse as his grandfather, father, uncle and brother were all professional firefighters. Tim himself has been a volunteer firefighter for over 30 years and when he's not rescuing cats in trees, he's hard at work making good stuff for even gooder people.

After spending 15 years in the agency world Tim started rolling with ENG7INE in 2008. With clients and accounts all over the map in a diverse range of industries, he has a tank full of experience with a calm and cool disposition to top it off.

Tim has also spent several years teaching at his two alma maters, The College of St. Rose (RIP) and Russell Sage. He has spoken at various upstate NY colleges and industry events and is open for more speaking engagements so give him a shout!