RAMBLE Bar + BBQ is an interpretation of Saratoga Springs meets Sonoma. Owners Sonja and Ryan McFadden already had massive success with their current establishments Henry Street Taproom and Flatbread Social and had an idea for a whole new west-coast-inspired eatery in the heart of one of the most popular cities in upstate, NY. E7 was tasked to bring a hip vibe blended with their patina surfaces and gourmet fare. The RAMBLE brand system was inspired by rust and cowboy hipsters in designer trucker hats and restored Land Cruisers. ‍‍


• Naming Assist
• Brand Identity

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Welp, in the end RAMBLE rambled on and the entire idea was scrapped for a whole new name and vibe but you better believe E7 was all over designing that brand too. Check out the Kindred case study to see what it grew up to be.